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At CADENCE of Acadiana, Inc., we hold in high regard the role we play in helping you and your family navigate the pathways towards acquiring the community services essential for meeting your requirements. Our mission is to facilitate the attainment of your life goals by offering comprehensive guidance. We staunchly believe in the inherent right of every individual to participate fully in all facets of their community. In line with this, we affirm that the opportunities available to you should mirror those accessible to every other member of your community.

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What is "Support Coordination"?

Support Coordination, previously known as case management, refers to a set of services designed to aid Medicaid-eligible individuals in obtaining necessary waiver services, as well as a variety of State Plan services. These services encompass medical, social, and educational support, along with other forms of assistance within the framework of the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD). This spectrum of services encompasses several waivers, including the Children’s Choice Waiver, Supports Waiver, Residential Options Waiver, and New Opportunities Waiver.

The role of Support Coordination extends to crafting high-quality, person-centered plans that prioritize the individual's needs and aspirations. Support Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that plan approvals and revisions are conducted in a timely manner, which entails a variety of necessary tasks.

Furthermore, they play an instrumental role in developing and coordinating community resources that align with the requirements of the individuals they serve. They also monitor the implementation of the plans, assuring that personal outcomes are being achieved as projected.

In addition, Support Coordinators act as a resource for individuals under the self-direction option of the waivers. They provide these individuals with relevant information and assistance, empowering them to direct and manage their services effectively. Through this comprehensive approach, Support Coordination aims to facilitate access to essential services and improve the quality of life for Medicaid-eligible individuals.

Our Services

Here is a detailed catalogue of the services that we can provide to support our clients effectively.

Team Meeting


New Opportunity Waiver

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Supports Waiver

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Adult Day Health Care

Waiter Serving Coffee


Residential Options Waiver

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Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing

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Early Steps

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Louisiana Children's Choice

Taking Care of Plants


Community Choices Waiver

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Traumatic Head & Spinal Cord Injury

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Housing Services

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