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Louisiana Children's Choice (LCC)

On February 21, 2001, the Children's Choice Waiver was introduced with the aim of providing additional support to children, aged 0 to 20 years, who have developmental disabilities and reside in their family homes or with foster families. This waiver program seeks to enhance the existing care and services available to these children, ensuring their well-being and development within the familiar and nurturing environment of their own homes or foster families.

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  • Support Coordination 

  • Family Support 

  • Center-Based Respite Care 

  • Family Training 

  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations 

  • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies 

  • Permanent Housing Stabilization

  • Permanent Housing Stabilization Transition



  • Aquatic 

  • Art 

  • Music

  • Hippotherapy/Therapeutic Horseback Riding

  • Sensory Integration 


The Children's Choice waiver (CC) program provides services in the home and in the community to individuals 0 through 20 years of age, who currently live at home with their families or who will leave an institution to return home.

This waiver provides an individualized support package with a maximum cost of $20,200 per year and is designed for maximum flexibility.

Youth who reach the age of 18 and want to work may choose to transition to a Supports Waiver as long as they remain eligible for waiver services.

Youth who continue in the Children's Choice Waiver beyond age 18 will age out of Children's Choice Waiver when they reach their 21st birthday. They will transition to the most appropriate waiver that meets their needs as long as they remain eligible for waiver services. This program is not intended to provide 24 hours a day support.

To qualify for the Children's Choice Waiver, a person must:

  • Meet Louisiana Medicaid eligibility AND

  • Are 0 through 20 years of age

  • Have an OCDD Statement of Approval AND

  • Meet the Louisiana definition for developmental disability with manifested prior to age 22 (Revised Statue 25:451.2, Paragraph (11) AND

  • Meet Intermediate Care Facility-Intellectual Disability (ICF-ID) Level of Care Criteria 

Support Coordination utilizes the components of intake, assessment, service planning, linkage, monitoring / follow-up, reassessment and transition/closure. Eligibility is determined by requirements specific to each population.

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