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Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing (EPSDT)

All Medicaid recipients between the ages of 0 and 21 who are not currently receiving Individual Family Support waiver services are eligible for EPSDT Personal Care Services. However, if a recipient has already utilized all the services provided by the Individual Family Support waiver, they become eligible for EPSDT Personal Care Services as an alternative form of support.

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  • Basic personal care (toileting & grooming activities)

  • Assistance with bladder and/or bowel requirements or problems

  • Assistance with eating and food preparation

  • Performance of some household chores, only for the recipient

  • Accompanying, not transporting, recipient to medical appointment


EPSDT Personal Care Services does NOT cover any medical tasks such as medication administration, tracheostomy care, tube feedings or catheters.

Support Coordination utilizes the components of intake, assessment, service planning, linkage, monitoring / follow-up, reassessment and transition/closure. Eligibility is determined by requirements specific to each population.

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